27 October 2009

Help from Others

My sister's birthday was yesterday and as if it was on cue everything seemed to remind me of her.

Starting with my mail box had the letters promised to me from the Traditions Council at Texas A&M from Silver Taps.

Notes From Silver Taps from the Student Body

Letter after Letter there were people wishing our family peace for knowing we belonged with the Aggie Family.

Even more of notice was that my friends sent me flowers to help me through the day.
I'm so lucky to have wonderful friends like Anna and Liz. It's the love of friends that makes me feel as if I'm not so alone.

Flower Reflections

Thank you to everyone that wished Serena a Happy Birthday and thought of her. Thank you.

26 October 2009

Happy Birthday Serena

Photo-Card with Sealy and cupcake

I'm wishing my sister a Happy Birthday today.
I took her favourite seal and dressed him up to take a picture with a cup-cake.
There are a million things that I wish I could say to her right now... and of course a ton of sisterly advise that one gives when your sister is getting older.
For right now... I think I'll boil it down to, "I miss you."
Happy Birthday Serena, we're all thinking about you.

My favourite picture of me and her right now... Thanksgiving 2007 A&M vs t.u.

25 October 2009

Autumn Smiles

Fall on the Ground

I was driving back to Minnesota today from Wisconsin when I got some of these shots.
It made me think about a friend of mine who lives in Phoenix, AZ. According to her the children that she teaches don't know what seasons are... I can't fathom that.

Driving along HWY 94 Detour

Fall Leaves Colourchange
Leaves for thoughts

Fall up the tree
Up the tree

So these photos are dedicated to her... and her year round flora-fauna :)

21 October 2009


This is part of my Home Away from Home series, when I went to Sweden.
These are some pictures as I was discovering Stockholm.

By the palace, on the bridge

Shopping Street Couple(left) Busy Girl (right)

Boy and Mom by the Vasa museum in the park

Galmastan Ally Way (left) Mom and daughter enjoying street preformers (right)

Tourists in Gamlastan

20 October 2009

Home Away From Home Part 3

Inside of the house...

down the stiarssewing chair
Down the Stairs to the back door (left) The Sewing Chair in the livingroom (right)

window green
Outside the living room window
Rocking chair and grandfather clock
Swedish Trivia Game that was played in the living room
drawing in the kitchen
bincoculars in the countrysewing table
binoculars in the upstairs window sill (left) the sewing room window (right)

Theresia's Bear (left) Johanna's Guitar (right)

shoes at the backdoor

19 October 2009

Home Away from Home Part 2

House and family picture painted by Theresia and Dordie, shot with Lensbaby2.0

I fell in love with the Redaelli's summer home.
It had so much character and story!
The house was built by thier grandfather. When he passed away, the mother bought the house.

Nearest Town Sign (left) Mailbox (right)
Rasberries are being grown in the yard

Driving up to the house

shed mooseantlers
The shed with canoe covered up (left) Moose Antlers Theresia found at a local auction that is mounted on the shed (right)

Shed door, open slightly

The outhouse, inside they did a great job of making it really nice :)

I noticed when I was driving through the area that all the houses had that pretty red paint on them. Turns out the paint has an iron element in it, as to better withstand the harsh winters.

door knob Photobucket
door knob of house (left) Front door from front yard (tree)
i dream of delsbo backdoor The Backdoor of the house

The next part is going to be more about the inside of the house.

18 October 2009

Home away from home Part 1

Sun-drenched views On the road walking away from the house

I was invited to spend time with the Redaelli's in their summer home in Sweden.
This was over a week long trip that I took well over 3 8G worth of photos... so stay tuned as I upload them in chunks.

TJarna sign
Sign for the turn off to the house (right)

This first one is about the country-side, where they have thier summer home.
The main things I tried to capture was the peacefulness and the tranquility.

Path into the woods
The amazing view from the back yard.

daisy closeup sweden
Daisy Close Up

Tractor outside the barn

Swedish Countryside
Swedish Country Side

I love this view. I took a walk far away from the house and happened on the other side of the little villiage/group that we were staying at. The house is right on the other side of the houses in the distance. The sky was amazing that day too.

I'm getting the pictures of the house together next...

14 October 2009

First Snow

first snow
single leaf on the car outside my apartment: 50mm ISO600 f/1.8

Having just moved from Texas, my coworkers and friends have been antsy about me encountering the Minnesotian winter.
Oddly, I've been really looking forward to it!

Snow came early this year, but then disappeared :(
It was beautiful!

Tree outside: 50mm ISO600 F/1.4 Photoshop and TRA Super Fun Happy

memories of snow
Second Day: More Snow! 50mm ISO700 f/1.4 edited in photoshop to enhance the focus point, used TRA2 Sparta then desaturated the picture

05 October 2009

Fall is my Favourite

People say they love the Minnestotian Summer...
I disagree.
I'm personally in love with the Fall.

Proof, Fall is Here
Fall is here...200mm ISO640 f/5.6


Golf course tree, red leaves already:122mm ISO640 f/4.8

It's hard not to be awe struck by the colours.
As much as I liked the Texas winters... these scenes might be enough to tide me over through the bitter winter ;)

The two below I took when I was golfing south of the cities.
I used my point and shoot and did some colour fixing in photoshop. Even though I was supremely frustrated with the lack of control over the settings, I'm actually pleased with how pretty it came out.

Reflective Creek

Golf course hazard: Cannon Powershoot 800D

Bridge to Cross
A bridge to cross: Cannon Powershoot 800D