15 August 2009

Moments Frozen in Time

It's my belief that an image should capture emotion.
When you've captured it, then it's yours.
Yours to share or keep to yourself.
Yours to reach for... when you most need it...
when you most want it...
or when you chance upon it.
It's almost like a small escape from the moving world around you.

My little sister, Serena taking pictures with her first DSLR

When I look at that photo, I smile.
My little sister is the one that got me into photography.
She was a photographer for the College Newspaper, editor for her high school newspaper, she took photos at sporting events, volunteered to document charity/fundraising... it was hard to catch her without a camera in hand.

My little family, Me, Mooma, Serena

This one is classic

She had an amazing talent for capturing the WORST pictures of the people around her, but always in good fun.

Aside from the less than flattering pictures of me (that I still feel the need to bring up :) ), she had a talent for capturing the emotion, personality and just mood of any event.

May 14th, 2009-- My little sister was killed in a car accident. In one phone call, our lives changed dramatically. My family and I had to learn how to keep living without her. Her photos, the ones that she took and those taken of her, have been invaluable to us. They have been the anchor to help us maintain optimism and hope when the questions become overwhelming.
... to reach for them when we need them the most...
to go back to those moments frozen in time, when she was still with us.

Serena Swanland: Sea-Wall at Okinawa, Japan Nikon D50 18mm f/20

My little sister is my inspiration...
and through her I've learned how important photos are.


  1. Larissa,

    I admire so much how you are embracing your sister's passion as a way of celebrating her life. Your photos successfully invoke emotion and capture the beauty of everyday moments. Can't wait to see what's to come! Keep up the good work :)

    -Kristen Blakely

  2. Larissa, Your mom sent me the link to this page. It is truly beautiful. I was Serena's high school journalism teacher and I miss her so much. I was really moved by your words and photos. Please know that I think of you and your mother all the time. Serena would be so touched to know that you're continuing her legacy through photography...you share her talent and vision. Take care, Heather Mendoza

  3. Your site has come together nicely. Pretty amazing pictures! -Cman