28 November 2009

The Last of the Sweden Pictures :)

Finally, the last of the Sweden pictures.
Apologies for how hodge-podge they seem.


clock towerflower tsnd gamlastan
Clock tower (right) and Flowers in Galmastan (left)

crying kid gamlastan wm Crying Kid at Gamlastan

Kid preoccupied with twirling on the pole

Then back to the country-side:

out of the window
Window View

meteor lake
Meteor Lake from above the trees

dordie and theresia picking rocks
Theresia and Dordie, looking for meteor fragments.

where the deer runsuch tall trees
The Forest view from house (right) In the Forest (left)

horses in the distance Horses in the distance

power lines to somewherehudin lake Power Lines to somewhere far away (right) The Lake at Hudiskvall (left)

corridor of trees A cooridor of trees Hudiskvall City Centre

berries in the tree

cow in field Goodbye to my friend, the cow with a bell on his neck.

These should be the last of the Sweden pictures.
I've taken all of them and put them on a SD card for the Redaelli's.
Many thanks to them again for letting me come with them on thier vacation to thier family home. I love Sweden and all of the pictures I got :)

24 November 2009


Thank you Peter for being such a good sport and letting me practise on you.

peter overlooking lake

Then we had fun with some props :)
peters glasses wmcase for killer strawberries

The strawberries made me laugh... he was grabbing a knife around the time I was making him strawberry head. I liked the depth of field!

hiyah peter

Then we played with some action shots. This was the best of the bunch, but in the future I hope to get better facial expressions, but I like the action here!

peter reading book wm

Then we moved indoors. Here was a quiet shot where Peter was reading an Archie book. I wanted to create a pensive thoughful type of shot.

Then... the bowler hat came out :)
petre old top hat sepia wmbowler hat style
I played with some of the effects here. The bowler hat made me think old fashioned. Maybe it was too much, not sure... still struggling with the right balance of photoshoping.

peter eye On this one, the black and white was a definite to focus on the eye.

Then, we went to the shooting range. This one might have ended up more Artistic than portrait work, but Peter seemed to like it.


21 November 2009

Hampton- My hamster

I got a Hamster for my anniversary with my boyfriend.
Sounds odd, but this is the BEST present he's ever gotten me.

So, here's Hampton. My mother calls him Chuppy (she meant Chubby, but ended up saying Chuppy), so Sir Hampton the Chuppy.

hamp eating
Munchies in his new Home.

DSC_0010 Sniffing out his new home, We're calling it the Hampton Inn

Hampton doing the Hamster Dance next to his new wheel (left) Climbing on his house (right)

And finally, just because it makes me laugh :)

Photoshopped Hamster

17 November 2009

Business Cards Round 1

So, I decided to stop waffling about my "branding" issues...
and just bit the bullet and orderdered the business cards.

Simple and very to the point:


Most importantly, it has my sister's initials on the key in the background.
I've ordered a 100 on this wierd matte/shiny paper.
I figure while I'm working out how I want my website to look (which I'm STILL working on :( ) and start to do more things, I'll cement down the look of the card.

15 November 2009

A study in Photoshop

One of my favourite things to do of late is to test out the different effects of Photoshop.

Let me know what you think-->

Kisses, black and white with selective colour

Gangsta Hat, using Kubota Anime action and blurring

Ikea inspired
This one was IKEA inspired, they had a picture of Audry Hepburn with red lips.

This is me in Sweden overlooking the Meteor Lake in Delsbo. Used the free Totally Rad Action Pack demo, Spartan, Dirty it up

Pensive Night
Rather pleased with this one, this was done with no flash, sloooooowwww shutter speed and in RAW. When I imported it into photoshop I upped the "blacks" and then increased the Vibrancy, toned down the "clarity"

Of course, I had to try the Andy Warhol Pop-Art Technique. Threshold to make it black and white and then various "Select Colour" and painting over to make this one.

No real reason except it was fun... oh and a new myspace picture :)

11 November 2009

Linden Hills

These are some photos from my neighbourhood.
I live on Lake Harriet, it's a little lake about 3 miles around. Best of Twin cities nominated this lake for "Best Place to Take Out of Towners"...
mostly, for how bustling it is.

Enjoy :)

The street corner (left) A Park Bench on the lake (right)

Flowers in the Wind on Lake Harriet

lindenhills5 A Sense of Humour (left) Life Gaurd at her post (right)

Boy and Dad walking home at the softball fields

lindenhills1 Night Light (left) Pinky Sky (right)

couple at lake harriet
Couple on Lake Harriet

05 November 2009

Business Cards

I'm working a lot on branding as I am ramping this up.
Branding is really important to me (although not to most others), but I see it as a vision statement.
It's the representation as to the WHY I'm doings this.

Business Cards in particular is what I'm working on... anyone with ideas would be wonderful to help.

Here's one option:


I'm not sure how I feel about how BUSY this is...
I'm more of the simple understatement mode.


This one is more like what I like... the website is what is inspired it...
but I think it lacks critical information.

Elements I Absolutely need: Name, Purpose, Contact, Website, the Key and my colours.

It's the combination of these things that is running me in circles...
I've decided to incorporate a little colour into the branding. The black, grey and white is a little too stark for the type of photography that wants to capture emotion other than sadness. So, I'm using the colours that remind me of my sister as accents. The black, grey and white will stay with pops of turquoise and yellow (these are the colours that I used at her Memorial Service, but for some reason I thought she might have had these as her wedding colours too).

The key is the necklace I bought for her 16th birthday. I have the same necklace. Wierdly both of us aren't big jewlery people... but she wore that necklace religiously until her boyfriend got her a locket. When I recieved her belongings from the police after the accident, the necklace was stored with all of her valuables. My mother has it now... and I hope if I have daughters, they can have mine and Serena's. So, the key, serves as a reminder to me the everyday inspiration for appreciating the moments that are in front of me.

... *sigh* So we'll see about the designs/branding. Stay tuned.

03 November 2009

Dallas Skyline

I just went to Dallas to visit a couple of my friends.
It's amazing to me that even though I still have a house there and only left there in May... I don't feel that I ever connected to that city.
I miss my friends terribly, but aside from them... Dallas is just a city I visit.

These are taken off of my close friend Abby's balcony.
She has this amazing place off of Turtle Creek with a to kill for view of the Dallas Skyline.
IN the daytime there are trees and a park with the building peeking up over.

It's a toss up which one I like better. There are those shots that are, SOOC (Straight Out of the Camera), but for the majority of them, I love the extra something Photoshop gives.

Dallas Skyline
55mm 0.8Exposure ISO250 Shutter Speed (I can't remember but it was a long time!)

Dallas selective skyline Night Light Highlights
I wanted to draw attention to the KPMG, THe AIG Building, Bank of America... big names in the Dallas Skylight.

Like I said, toss up... not sure which one I like more :)

02 November 2009


I'm starting to really work to beef up my people-photography skills.
There isn't anything more I love than being able to capture something as special as emotion :)

So I've been combing through a ton of photographers that inspire me. One in particular is based in Dallas, but I went to school with her and had no idea while sharing a class that she was such an amazing photographer.

I adore Stacy's style... and willingness to share as she's discovered tips to help out.

Check her out, she's brilliant. She's been of late a wealth of infromation (especially her T4P).