17 December 2009

Friday Night Hamster Shoots :)

I am convinced that Hamsters... and the perfect photographic companion.
Perhaps I'm biast and I'm letting Hampton sway my assertion, but here are some fun things I've done with him lately :)

This is cute :), I said Apple, and he stood up like this and started to sniff. It was almost like he understood me. :)

Documentation of his escape:

The Great Escape

thwarted escape
Capture of his thwarted escape after catching him...

Getting Daddy to Visit
Making Animals speak with word bubbles is always cute/entertaining :)

and then, most of all, using Hampton to perpetuate my love for UNC basketball!
Stoked about NCAA B-Ball season Hamster after my own heart.

13 December 2009

Christmas at my Apartment

My sister LOVED Christmas.
In fact, that was one of the few holidays that my sister, mooma and me all spent together.

So here's a little sampling of Christmas in my apartment.

Holiday cookie time :)
An exercise in culinary arts... :) The dreaded candy cane cookies :)

christmas ball
My little tree I bought from Target. Every year the day after Christmas I log onto Potterybarn.com and buy ornaments. The gold balls are from 2008 :)

Of course, it wouldn't be christmas at my house without Darth Vader :)

christmas star
Star, from 2007

I'll be spending the Holdiays in Korea with my Mooma this year and Hampton, will be with his Hammy-sitters, the Weinzierls.

I love this time of the year.

12 December 2009

Lakewood in Winter

There is this wonderful cemetary in Minneapolis by Lake Calhoun.

The sunset

fox trails
Fox Trails off in the distance

lakewood rusty

Oddly instead of being wierd, I felt like it was a place of love. That these were memorials for people to give the loved ones left behind a place to go when they were thinking of them.

01 December 2009

The Weinzierl Children

These kids were a joy to work with :)
Most of these poses were of thier own conception.

The Christmas Card Shot
Christmas Card Shot

08- old school colourThe king of the backyard

I actually had to photo shop this one together to get the best faces and smiles :)

see no evil

07 vingette old school

conrad Smile

A Down moment


Taking it inside for a bit
lick my ear

Co Co's glamour shot

Love with Co Co

claire guitar
I have Nothing to Wear...

carter triage
Triages: fun with photo Shop :)
So thank you to the Weinzierls, for being such an amazing family to work with :)