01 September 2009

The Redaelli Dogs

Walker: 100mm ISO200 F/4

I love dogs. While I was in Dallas, I had a chance to photograph Johanna's puppies.
I waited until the second day I was with the dogs to attempt to get them. I wanted to get them in their most relaxed/natural state (being the "new" person in the house usually isn't condusive to relaxed dogs).
It was in the morning before anyone else in the house woke up. I took my 55-200mm, White Balance to Daylight and watched the dogs for a good pose.

Soda Sephora Redaelli
Soda Redaelli by the pool (Weinne Dog-Lab Mix)

Sarah: 105mm ISO200 F4

I'm particularly happy with Sarah.
Sarah is a skittish Pit-bull mix. Her normal pose is submissive with ears pinned back. A bird had flitted on the fence nearby when she perked up. I think this is probably Sarah's personality when no one is around (nothing to be scared about).