07 September 2009

Silver Taps

I went to Texas A&M University for my undergraduate and never realised why that school was so special until my sister passed away.
She too went to the same school and together we shared a bond of traditions.

One of the best traditions that we have on that school is Silver Taps.

By far, one of Texas A&M's most honored traditions is Silver Taps. Silver
Taps is held for a graduate or undergraduate student who passes away while
enrolled at A&M. This final tribute is held the first Tuesday of the
month when a student has passed away the previous month.

Silvertaps for Serena

Names are placed on this monument the day of Silver Taps as well as published in the News Paper: 165mm ISO400 f/5.3.

It was humbling to go back to campus and walk around... and see students leaving messages for the families (unfortunately my sister was not the only one) of thier fellow student.

respects to family

Students can leave cards/messages for the family members, these are collected and given to the family afterwards: 55mm ISO400 f/4

The school is massive, over 30,000 students are ON campus and another 20,000 are on affliated ones... so to see so many un-related people coming out for a fellow Aggie... made me see what was so wonderful about being a Texas Aggie.

Silver Taps

At the ceremony, "Taps" is played three times. Once to the North, Once to the South and Once to the East, but not to the West because the Sun will never rise for that Student again: 105mm ISO400 f/4.2

flag at half mast for silvertaps

During the day, the flag is flown at Half Mast: 55mm ISO400 f/4

I wanted to capture the solomness of the event. There is a sort of reverence to the students about the importance of silver taps. The combination of respect, sadness and rememberance is the mood I edited these in.


55mm ISO400 f/4