15 September 2009

Minnesota State Fair

I've lived in Dallas, TX which boasts the largest State Fair in the United States.
Although perhaps larger... the Texas State fair runs two weeks longer than the Minnesota Fair, which boasts the highest attendence per day in the United States.

Minnesota State Fair
122mm ISO400 f/5

The best part about the fair was how excited all of the people of the state were about the event. You could see the fair on web-cam via Minnesota Public Radio, walk down the local coffee shops and hear people talk about what attraction they were most excited about and see posters advertising to visit thier booth at the fair.

minnesota state radio theunhappy cow
Minnesota Public Radio Booth: 55mm ISO400 f/4 (left) Unhappy Cow: 200mm ISO500 f/5.6 (right)

flutebandmarchvisit the oinkbooth
Flute Player to March: 175mm ISO400 f/5.2 (left) "I visted the oink booth" ears: 60mm ISO400 f/4.2 (right)

Air Cars: 55mm ISO400 f/4 edited in photoshop colours and blurring

couple at fairboywonderfair

Couple Walking at Fair: 125mm ISO400 f/5 edited in photoshop blurred focus and colour (left)

Fascinated Child: 86mm ISO 400 f/5.6 edited in Photoshop (right)

girlwithdadatfair Girl with Dad: 180mm ISO400 f/5.6 used photoshop to put the focus back on the girl and dad (blurring) and used TRA Bitchin' B&W (free in the sample actions)

utterlyno manure
Utterly Cow-tastic: 55mm ISO400 f/4.2 (left) A stern sign: 125mm ISO400 f/5.6 (right)

so in conclusion... If I had a choice... I'd prefer the Minnesota State Fair :)