05 October 2009

Fall is my Favourite

People say they love the Minnestotian Summer...
I disagree.
I'm personally in love with the Fall.

Proof, Fall is Here
Fall is here...200mm ISO640 f/5.6


Golf course tree, red leaves already:122mm ISO640 f/4.8

It's hard not to be awe struck by the colours.
As much as I liked the Texas winters... these scenes might be enough to tide me over through the bitter winter ;)

The two below I took when I was golfing south of the cities.
I used my point and shoot and did some colour fixing in photoshop. Even though I was supremely frustrated with the lack of control over the settings, I'm actually pleased with how pretty it came out.

Reflective Creek

Golf course hazard: Cannon Powershoot 800D

Bridge to Cross
A bridge to cross: Cannon Powershoot 800D