18 October 2009

Home away from home Part 1

Sun-drenched views On the road walking away from the house

I was invited to spend time with the Redaelli's in their summer home in Sweden.
This was over a week long trip that I took well over 3 8G worth of photos... so stay tuned as I upload them in chunks.

TJarna sign
Sign for the turn off to the house (right)

This first one is about the country-side, where they have thier summer home.
The main things I tried to capture was the peacefulness and the tranquility.

Path into the woods
The amazing view from the back yard.

daisy closeup sweden
Daisy Close Up

Tractor outside the barn

Swedish Countryside
Swedish Country Side

I love this view. I took a walk far away from the house and happened on the other side of the little villiage/group that we were staying at. The house is right on the other side of the houses in the distance. The sky was amazing that day too.

I'm getting the pictures of the house together next...