19 October 2009

Home Away from Home Part 2

House and family picture painted by Theresia and Dordie, shot with Lensbaby2.0

I fell in love with the Redaelli's summer home.
It had so much character and story!
The house was built by thier grandfather. When he passed away, the mother bought the house.

Nearest Town Sign (left) Mailbox (right)
Rasberries are being grown in the yard

Driving up to the house

shed mooseantlers
The shed with canoe covered up (left) Moose Antlers Theresia found at a local auction that is mounted on the shed (right)

Shed door, open slightly

The outhouse, inside they did a great job of making it really nice :)

I noticed when I was driving through the area that all the houses had that pretty red paint on them. Turns out the paint has an iron element in it, as to better withstand the harsh winters.

door knob Photobucket
door knob of house (left) Front door from front yard (tree)
i dream of delsbo backdoor The Backdoor of the house

The next part is going to be more about the inside of the house.