03 November 2009

Dallas Skyline

I just went to Dallas to visit a couple of my friends.
It's amazing to me that even though I still have a house there and only left there in May... I don't feel that I ever connected to that city.
I miss my friends terribly, but aside from them... Dallas is just a city I visit.

These are taken off of my close friend Abby's balcony.
She has this amazing place off of Turtle Creek with a to kill for view of the Dallas Skyline.
IN the daytime there are trees and a park with the building peeking up over.

It's a toss up which one I like better. There are those shots that are, SOOC (Straight Out of the Camera), but for the majority of them, I love the extra something Photoshop gives.

Dallas Skyline
55mm 0.8Exposure ISO250 Shutter Speed (I can't remember but it was a long time!)

Dallas selective skyline Night Light Highlights
I wanted to draw attention to the KPMG, THe AIG Building, Bank of America... big names in the Dallas Skylight.

Like I said, toss up... not sure which one I like more :)