05 November 2009

Business Cards

I'm working a lot on branding as I am ramping this up.
Branding is really important to me (although not to most others), but I see it as a vision statement.
It's the representation as to the WHY I'm doings this.

Business Cards in particular is what I'm working on... anyone with ideas would be wonderful to help.

Here's one option:


I'm not sure how I feel about how BUSY this is...
I'm more of the simple understatement mode.


This one is more like what I like... the website is what is inspired it...
but I think it lacks critical information.

Elements I Absolutely need: Name, Purpose, Contact, Website, the Key and my colours.

It's the combination of these things that is running me in circles...
I've decided to incorporate a little colour into the branding. The black, grey and white is a little too stark for the type of photography that wants to capture emotion other than sadness. So, I'm using the colours that remind me of my sister as accents. The black, grey and white will stay with pops of turquoise and yellow (these are the colours that I used at her Memorial Service, but for some reason I thought she might have had these as her wedding colours too).

The key is the necklace I bought for her 16th birthday. I have the same necklace. Wierdly both of us aren't big jewlery people... but she wore that necklace religiously until her boyfriend got her a locket. When I recieved her belongings from the police after the accident, the necklace was stored with all of her valuables. My mother has it now... and I hope if I have daughters, they can have mine and Serena's. So, the key, serves as a reminder to me the everyday inspiration for appreciating the moments that are in front of me.

... *sigh* So we'll see about the designs/branding. Stay tuned.