15 November 2009

A study in Photoshop

One of my favourite things to do of late is to test out the different effects of Photoshop.

Let me know what you think-->

Kisses, black and white with selective colour

Gangsta Hat, using Kubota Anime action and blurring

Ikea inspired
This one was IKEA inspired, they had a picture of Audry Hepburn with red lips.

This is me in Sweden overlooking the Meteor Lake in Delsbo. Used the free Totally Rad Action Pack demo, Spartan, Dirty it up

Pensive Night
Rather pleased with this one, this was done with no flash, sloooooowwww shutter speed and in RAW. When I imported it into photoshop I upped the "blacks" and then increased the Vibrancy, toned down the "clarity"

Of course, I had to try the Andy Warhol Pop-Art Technique. Threshold to make it black and white and then various "Select Colour" and painting over to make this one.

No real reason except it was fun... oh and a new myspace picture :)