24 November 2009


Thank you Peter for being such a good sport and letting me practise on you.

peter overlooking lake

Then we had fun with some props :)
peters glasses wmcase for killer strawberries

The strawberries made me laugh... he was grabbing a knife around the time I was making him strawberry head. I liked the depth of field!

hiyah peter

Then we played with some action shots. This was the best of the bunch, but in the future I hope to get better facial expressions, but I like the action here!

peter reading book wm

Then we moved indoors. Here was a quiet shot where Peter was reading an Archie book. I wanted to create a pensive thoughful type of shot.

Then... the bowler hat came out :)
petre old top hat sepia wmbowler hat style
I played with some of the effects here. The bowler hat made me think old fashioned. Maybe it was too much, not sure... still struggling with the right balance of photoshoping.

peter eye On this one, the black and white was a definite to focus on the eye.

Then, we went to the shooting range. This one might have ended up more Artistic than portrait work, but Peter seemed to like it.