28 November 2009

The Last of the Sweden Pictures :)

Finally, the last of the Sweden pictures.
Apologies for how hodge-podge they seem.


clock towerflower tsnd gamlastan
Clock tower (right) and Flowers in Galmastan (left)

crying kid gamlastan wm Crying Kid at Gamlastan

Kid preoccupied with twirling on the pole

Then back to the country-side:

out of the window
Window View

meteor lake
Meteor Lake from above the trees

dordie and theresia picking rocks
Theresia and Dordie, looking for meteor fragments.

where the deer runsuch tall trees
The Forest view from house (right) In the Forest (left)

horses in the distance Horses in the distance

power lines to somewherehudin lake Power Lines to somewhere far away (right) The Lake at Hudiskvall (left)

corridor of trees A cooridor of trees Hudiskvall City Centre

berries in the tree

cow in field Goodbye to my friend, the cow with a bell on his neck.

These should be the last of the Sweden pictures.
I've taken all of them and put them on a SD card for the Redaelli's.
Many thanks to them again for letting me come with them on thier vacation to thier family home. I love Sweden and all of the pictures I got :)