30 December 2010

A Visit to the Temple- Taiwan

While on my trip to Taiwan with my family we made a moment to stop at the Temple my Grandfather, Grandmother, Aunt and Uncles are layed to rest.
 The Pagoda

The entry way to the temple.

The inside of the temple lobby.

Prayers are written on the columns on the inside.

Offering of paper money to the Chen Family, we burn paper money in offering.
Lots of families were here...

The word "Luck" is printed on the side of the money.

It was nice to spend time to visit with the family and honour our ancestors.

28 December 2010

Christmas in Taiwan

Every Christmas, I get to go and visit my mother in Taiwan.
This Christmas, we decided to travel instead of celebraitng at home.
However, despite being stuck in a hotel, we still managed to celebrate Christmas.
I had found a little 7-11 nearby and managed to make this home made Christmas tree we could put our presents under!

The Ghetto Christmas Tree... made completely out of party favours.

Mooma and Kerwin, opening their presents!

Present for Mooma

The Christmas presents. I packed the wrapping paper in my luggage.

Christmas aftermath, all of the dead wrapping paper!

15 December 2010

Anna and Scott Engagment


I am so excited for the Wedding of Anna and Scott to happen later next year. I'm not going to be taking the photos... because I'll be a Bridesmaid! However, I was able to do some engagement photos.


Anna and Scott met in Law School where they first were study-friends and later, found out they had much more in common.

We took their photos mostly around Scott's apartment near Downtown Houston. This is where they met and currently spend most of their time!
We made sure to incorporate their puppy (child-dog), Pearl  :-)

Scott is Texas Born and Bred so we needed to get the Lone Star Flag tagged in there.

Anna and Pearl, sneaking looks at Scott (Pearl's Daddy)

Pearl, "Not again." (Left) and Glancing Back (Right)

This happens all the time... I love Scott's clueless look here...

Anna and Scott Engaged!

The little happy family.

Anna's Ring- it's special because it's from her mother as a gift to the couple.

There are beautiful walls around where they live.

Scott, Saving Anna from a certain death (left) and a Dip and Kiss (right)




I just love how sexy this couple is :-)

Scott proposed to Anna with Pearl and a Crave Cupcake. We decided to pay homage to Crave by visiting the store, getting cupcakes and taking some photos there.

Anna is in love with the old-fashioned kitchen-aid mixers at the window (left)

Anna tried to steal Scott's Cupcake...

We then moved indoors to a Hotel and got some photos there...






Congratulations Anna and Scott, I can't wait for your Wedding!

13 December 2010


I thought this was just amazing.
mn winter (16)

Lucky for me... I just stayed in doors.

However, there is something to be said about the weather outside being frightful... and getting a blanket wrapped up to snuggle.
Hello Minnesota Winter.

mn winter (15)
Digging the Car out...

03 December 2010

My love affair with The Bean

I have a definite love affair with the Chicago Bean in Millenium Park.
This past month I was able to make it down to Chicago with some of my newest girl friends.

Chicago is one of those cities that I am learning to love. It has all of the charm that Boston has (feeling the history, the preservation of the historical sites) and all of the "big city" feel that New York has. Having said that... I'm still really partial to my own adopted cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

So here are some of the photos from my Girl's Weekend in Chicago.


Chicago Girls Trip (34)
MY BEAN :-) It makes me smile every time I see it.
Chicago Girls Trip (32)
My friends and me, up close and personal with the Bean.

Chicago Girls Trip (27)
Looming in the distance...

Chicago Girls Trip (25)Chicago Girls Trip (24)
Some of the views from the river, The old Sear's Tower (not sure what the name is now) left and a symbol of Chicago's railroad past right

Chicago Girls Trip (22)
We had some time to take the Architectural Tour of Chicago.

Chicago Girls Trip (20)

Chicago Girls Trip (19)
The Buildings are gorgeous, I like that this one is decorated with... well the other buildings :-)

Chicago Girls Trip (7)
The Chicago River... it's oddly Green at this time of year, but not as green as it gets on St. Patty's