27 May 2010

Self Portraits

One of the nice things about being a photographer is being able to make the most kick-butt self portraits. Funnily enough, it isn't that I enjoy taking photos of myself (although it's fun to do new looks), but it's that when models are lacking... then I experiment on my own. (moral? MODEL FOR ME so I can practise :) )

Kiss the Frog...
I found clip in bangs and my old Tiara from Military Ball. Hubert (my frog) is my bed-stand resident.

what's this type of non-electrical guitar?I kinda like this
This is where I got a bit Madonna-esqe and Rocker

Yeah, I play guitar lefty.

pink sunglassesdrink-water-smart-water
These are the pink extentions I need to figure out what colour to do next.

24 May 2010


This is probably better than my finger art... which still makes my day, but Happy Monday!

As Bob speculated, Jim looked at the horrific crime scene and couldn't help but worry for the rest of the carton
Bob began to speculate, "I'm not sure what type of people are out there." Jim looked to the remains of the horrific crime scene...and couldn't help but wonder, is the rest of the carton safe?


22 May 2010

Don't Forget

I absolutely love Memorial day. It's interesting that the holiday isn't as revered as it is in other countries. It's nice to have the time off to drink and enjoy the summer, but this is the day that we really thank those who sacraficed a great deal to protect our country.

My office is across from Ft. Snelling National Cemetary. During that time Shlee (who came to visit) and I went over to take some pictures.

Happy Memorial Day.
Thank you for your service...

Memorial Day Reflections
The focus on this was supposed to be her glasses, but somehow I didn't manage to capture that :(

We remember

18 May 2010

Softball by another name... would never be Soft.

I got to photograph something close to my heart the other day with the Lady Wildcats for Eagan Senior High School.
Fastpitch Softball...

Fastpitch softball is a sport that I wish that I had actually been good at when I was in highschool. Watching these girls play and seeing the amount of athletism involved, I was a little envious and in awe.
What else would go on here?

For this particular event was invited out by the Wood family. Their daughter, Kelly Wood, is one of the team captains, Championship MVP and pretty amazing. Laura and Ty (her parents) try to make every game of Kelly's. Laura is the regular team photographer, except for this night the parents were being recognized and she wasn't able to shoot, SO... I was invited :)
Dad makes sure to be there, even if he still has to work...
Dad Working in the downtime...

The Regular Season Team Photographer
The Team Photographer, getting photographed
Proud Papa
Proud Dad and his Daughter

Proud Mom
Hugs for Mom
Dad watching his daughter hit
Watching his Daughter Bat

Kelly Wood, take off Mask

Warming up the Cathcher

Sara Moulton Pitching against Apple Valley
The Eagan team is pretty amazing themselves. Not only is Kelly an all-star catcher, but she catches the #1 Pitcher in the State, Sara Moulton. The Centre Fielder, Bree Blanchette, Sara and Kelly have all been on varsity since thier freshman year. There was actually an entire ESPN excerpt on these girls.

What's the Score?Yes!
It's always bittersweet to see your team-mates graduate and go off to college. I remember when we had senior night feeling left behind... and a bit worried how the team was going to get on.
Come on Team!
What I miss the most is the closeness you feel with your teammates when you're playing. I liked standing in the dugout listening to them.

The Team behind the Batter

They ended up winning over the Apple Valley Eagles for a nice conclusion to Parent Appreciation and Senior night.
Good Game Apple Valley

The Seniors at Senior Appreciation Night
The Seniors
One of the last games as a Wildcat

It was a good ending for Senior Night for the Wildcats. Thank you to the Wood family for letting me share it with you!

17 May 2010

Prayers and Angels

I can't believe it's been an entire year since my sister's passing.
Almost terrifying to think how quickly time flies.

I took the 14th off from work and spent the day in St. Paul. IN particular, I wanted to attend a service at the Cathedral and light a candle in her memory.
While I was there, I took pictures.

The Cathedral at St. Paul was built over 100 years ago. It sits on a hill that almost overlooks the Mississippi Valley.

From the steps, you can see the State Capitol of Minnesota and part of downtown!
State Capitol

A little about the cathedral from About.com
The Cathedral of St. Paul is considered to be one of the most beautiful cathedrals in America. The design is in the Beaux-Art style and was inspired by Renaissance cathedrals in France.

The exterior is Minnesotan St. Cloud granite. The interior walls are American Travertine from Mankato, Minnesota, and the interior columns are made of several types of marble.
Imposing figure

Topping the Cathedral is a 120-foot wide copper dome. A lantern on top of the dome brings the total height of the Cathedral to 306 feet tall from the base to the top of the lantern.

The interior space is no less impressive. As you walk into the Cathedral, watch out for the people visiting the cathedral for the first time. They tend to stop abruptly in front of you to stare at the stunning interior.
Laid out in a Greek cross, the interior is bright and open. Masquery envisioned a Cathedral with no obstructions for anyone attending Mass.

The interior ceiling soars to 175 feet high at the top of the 96 feet wide dome. At the base of the dome, stained glass windows let in light, and more several windows pierce the walls.

A bronze baldachin, a canopy over the altar, honors the life of St. Paul.

Although the Cathedral's design was inspired by ancient French cathedrals, it has modern conveniences, like electric lighting, and heating. Heating a place like this can't come cheap, but it's sure to be appreciated by the congregation on winter days.
Inside the Dome

Inside there is a replica of Michelangelo's The Pieta.
I loved seeing this statue in Rome, so it was almost as if it was a familiar friend...
The Pieta

I am almost transfixed by her hands...

While I was taking a picture, a woman knelt down the pray. It was odd, but I found the scene extremely peaceful.
Praying with the Pieta

I love Cathedrals. The St. Paul Cathedral has a sister building in Minneapolis called the St. Mary's Basilica. I'm making sure to do a trip there soon.

Most of all, I felt it was a good place for me to take time to remember my sister... she would have loved getting to take picture herself of this place.
Candles for prayer
A Candle for Serena

13 May 2010

Dallas and Such

This past week I spent a lot of time in Dallas.

The weather was so beautiful (although truthfully I am aware that the spring time is the only time worth noting as beautiful in Texas) and I got to do some of my favourite things... I actually missed Dallas.

I love living in the cities, but after finding a decent bookstore (new one at Shops of Legacy) and seeing my favourite running trails-- if I had to go back to Dallas, I wouldn't be as dramatic.

So, here are some of my random pictures from my weekend in Dallas.

By far, this is my favourite place to eat. Eatzi's. It's a cross between a grocery store and a deli, but it has the most amazing gourmet breads, wines, cheeses, desserts and food. Literally I could eat there every night of the week.
My favourite restraunt...

As you leave there is this sign on the door.
Taunting me...
I actually felt that this was taunting me... because no, I will not be seeing them tomorrow. Maybe I'll find something I love as much up in the cities (although I am secretly hoping I don't for my waist line).

Down the street from Eatzi's is my girl friend Abby's house. She lives in this amazing high rise that overlooks Turtle Creek. The shots at night of Dallas (in a prior blog post) are from her balcony. I had some fun taking pictures with these...

Then, my blackberry was bothering me while I was up there...
The suicidal Blackberry
The thought occured to me how simple it would be to just kick it off the side...

Here's my facebook pics:

Walking around Dallas, I saw this shot that made me smile. I like reflections.street-walk

I have a couple more from when we went to Southlake (between Ft.Worth and Dallas), but that will be coming next!

06 May 2010

Hello My Squishy

I'm random.
So, when I was allowed to pick some place to go :) I picked to go to the Underwater Aquarium at the Mall of America.
There, they have a Jelly Fish exhibit that is... simply almost as if you are walking into a room full of aliens.
What was nice was I got to play with the D700's amazing ISO ability.

I imagine Aliens to look like this...

The Jellyfish were in tanks that changed colours periodically. If I ever open a spa, the pulsing of Jelly Fish is extremely soothing to watch!
Fascinations Magic Jellyfish with LED Lights - 110v
so soothing to watch them pulse around

I loved this one because you can sorta see my reflection with the camera.
You can Almost see the photographer...

Apparenlty to keep your own Jellies you need 1.) A tank with constant current in it. Jellies don't have a lot of density and can't live in still water very long (think ocean thrashing to and fro). 2.) Lots and lots of krill and 3.) the perfect salt water skills. It's so easy to kill a jelly because of the 98% made of water factor.


Frustratingly when you don't have a tri-pod, the best shots are often missed, but... for the amount of light that was in that display... and the lack of my external flash unit... I am pretty pleased with how this turned out.

I love my D700... oh and Jellies too :)