11 June 2010

Abby's Shop of Legacy Portraits

I've been meaning to post these, but today is my very Amazingly friend Abby's birthday, so today seems an appropriate time to do so.



Abby is one of those really laid-back-girl next door type of girls. She's one of those girls who doesn't need to wear make up, has amazing skin and an equally amazing body (she practically exercises for fun;-) ). What I wanted to do was to do a shoot where she was natural, but still glamorous.






True to form and Abby, we had a blooper reel :)

So Happy Birthday Abby Girl, I love you!

01 June 2010

100 Days of Photos

Inspired by the egg-head photo, I've embarked on making sure that every day I take a photograph.

This will serve two purposes. 1.) It will MAKE me make time for photography even if my life is crazy and hopefully make me a better photographer. 2.) Be vastly entertaining as that is a small snapshot into what my mind was thinking at the time.

Many of these photos the caption makes it make sense. I keep up with the postings more on facebook, but for those of you who want to view it as it comes along: