31 July 2010

When Magazines are big liars...

If there has been something that has really bolstered my belief that American Women are held to some god-awful standard for women... it would be my learning of photo shop.

I got a photoshop tutorial in one of my favourite Magazines (the Amazon link should take you to there). British Magazines are so much better than American ones. Mostly, these are designed to be collected and re-used instead of just read and disgarded. In these magazines they do full tutorials on how to change a photograph. They usually come with a DVD with samples on it as well. For this one, I decided rather than use the DVD that had a photograph that was practically half way there... I would use one of my own.

The objective was to create a Nymph or a Elf.


The above is the photo that I started out with ;the complete opposite of what I ended up with. I had 1.) Not showered in 2 days, 2.) hadn't worn make up and... took the photo with just the bathroom lighting (which is ugly to begin with). I'm still floored when I see what I ended up with.

Finished Product.


With enough time and energy, you can make any photo into something completely different! We should stop trying to look like magazines :)

22 July 2010

Story Telling

I am starting to LOVE the type of photography that advertisers use most often. This I discovered when I started to do the 100 days of photos.
I call it story telling. I love being able to take a photo and have it lead your imagination down a path.
This is maybe why I need to get linked with with models... (hint hint, click on my Model Mayhem link!)

Here's an example (I'll start to post these as individual ones).

He couldn't resist trying out his new software upgrade for the remote...
Since she wasn't taking the hint... he decided to try the software upgrade to his remote.

20 July 2010

Wagner Wedding at the Pracna

This posting is overdue, but it's here :)

I was invited to second shoot Traci and Josh Wagner's wedding at the beautiful Pracna in North East Minneapolis.

Traci and Josh actually were married a year prior, but Josh was sent overseas for his deployment. On his return he and Traci decided to have a big wedding reception.

Here are some of my favourite shots of the night.
Out in front of the Pracna

The Guys
The Gals
The Group

Bridesmaid preparing for her speech.


Catch the Bouquet!

So Congratulations Traci and Josh Wagner, it was a beautiful wedding and I feel so lucky to have shared it with you!

16 July 2010

Flour Mill Ruins

I met a new friend this past month and one of the things that we did together was NorthEast Minneapolis.
LaraSwanland_2010_11JULY (3)

LaraSwanland_2010_11JULY (2)

These ruins have been kept in tact by the city of Minneapolis.
Originally, this was supposed to be a biking endeavour, but I ended up taking photos the entire time.
LaraSwanland_2010_11JULY (4)

We even got off our bikes and climbed the ruins... and then saw a sign that stated, "Don't Climb the Ruins". Opps.
LaraSwanland_2010_11JULYLaraSwanland_2010_11JULY (21)
Afterwards we ended up at my favourite cafe on the Mississippi and found a band I hope you check out

But the best shot was after I went home and couldn't get out of my head to go see the Stone Arch Bridge.

The Stone Arch Bridge is one of the iconic views of Minneapolis.
It's now a pedestrian bridge, but at night they light it up.
I went down by the river, practically died from all of the mosquitos that were eating me... however, it was worth it.
Minneapolis, Stone Arch Bridge
This is the first picture that I have gotten interest in by a gallery and you can buy it framed at the Calhoun Framing Centre :)