16 July 2010

Flour Mill Ruins

I met a new friend this past month and one of the things that we did together was NorthEast Minneapolis.
LaraSwanland_2010_11JULY (3)

LaraSwanland_2010_11JULY (2)

These ruins have been kept in tact by the city of Minneapolis.
Originally, this was supposed to be a biking endeavour, but I ended up taking photos the entire time.
LaraSwanland_2010_11JULY (4)

We even got off our bikes and climbed the ruins... and then saw a sign that stated, "Don't Climb the Ruins". Opps.
LaraSwanland_2010_11JULYLaraSwanland_2010_11JULY (21)
Afterwards we ended up at my favourite cafe on the Mississippi and found a band I hope you check out

But the best shot was after I went home and couldn't get out of my head to go see the Stone Arch Bridge.

The Stone Arch Bridge is one of the iconic views of Minneapolis.
It's now a pedestrian bridge, but at night they light it up.
I went down by the river, practically died from all of the mosquitos that were eating me... however, it was worth it.
Minneapolis, Stone Arch Bridge
This is the first picture that I have gotten interest in by a gallery and you can buy it framed at the Calhoun Framing Centre :)

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