10 April 2010

The World Has Shifted...


Today is the day that I have retired my D80.
But, I'm still reeling from the spending spree I went on, but I have a new member to my family... My D700.

I jokingly called this a hobby, but hobbies are controllable and don't interfere with your life. No, Photography is now a Habit.
and I am at the top of my high for the D700.

So Goodbye to my D80, I hope it finds a home with somebody who will love learning on it like I did... and hello to a new way of shooting :)

The Gear that has to find a home... crazy how much of that I have amassed!

D80, amazing for me to learn on and get to figure out everything on it.

Sometime later when I've had time to take more photos with the D700, I'm going to post a review.