11 April 2010

All eyes in the Centre of the Ring - Low Light

So let me first put it out there, my D700 is amazing.
Making the jump from the D80 to the D700...
First, the menu options are intuitive. It's so much easier to change ISO as well as White Balance.
(they have buttons on the top instead of having to use the back menu).

I'll summarize what I think about the pros and cons later :)

So for the circus, 1.) I've NEVER been to one. Crazy huh? I was so extremely excited to be invited to go. Who doesn't love clowns, animals and acrobats? My stomach was feeling a bit queazy so the suggested cotton candy wasn't a part, but the best part? I got to go with a new friend that was into photography, so there wasn't any wierdness talking about lighting/how far lenses could reach etc.

Here are my photos:





I had a lot of fun, but hands down the bears are my favourite :)
Yay for the circus!