19 April 2010

I've Got Texas On My Mind

I've been in Texas for most of the week and I have to admit, it's actually really pretty at this time of year.

I stopped a few times to take some photos of the views.

Texas on my Mind
Blue Bonnets on HWY 6 on the way into Navasota.

This is my good friend Nicole. We stopped at my sister's crash site and these beautiful flowers (Indian Paint Brushes) were covering the hill.

HWY 290 coming back to Houston.

ON the road in Brazos County And of course, me with my tri-pod and new wireless trigger :)

This is the prettiest I've seen Texas in a long while. I'm glad I got to see it before the sun got unbearable and torches everything to a dismal brown :-)

Also nice was I sold my camera to a woman who is learning photography! I'm excited about it making into the hands of someone that will like and use it like I did.