23 April 2010


There are few girls that really have it all.
My good friend Anna is that. Not only is she incredibly smart (she is completing her Law Degree), but she's also the most loyal of friends... and GORGEOUS.

She was kind enough to be my model while I am learning how to pose people.

We started out at the Fairmont Apartment on San Felipe in Houston, TX. It's a gorgeous apartment building with the most beautiful pool.


Inside, in the guest room.

Lounging by the pool



I loved the fountains here.

Mirror Looking at Self _Anna
Inside by one of the walled Mirrors.


There's an outdoor fireplace I'm standing on to get this.

Inside the club house.

Lara_Swanland_Anna_candid True to form, my favourite shots are always candid. Here she was laughing at me because I was almost hip deep in water trying to get the right angle to get the shot. I was wearing white shorts... which turned out not to be a great idea. However, the previous pool shot was taken because of the sacrafice :)


Thank you Anna, for being such a great friend and a fantastic model. I'm so lucky to have you as a friend :)