02 May 2010

A Moment in Time... and what I picked.

Granted, I woke up about half an hour before I was supposed to take this photo and threw together what I wanted to capture for 10:00AM (15:00 UTC Time) for the "Moment in Time" thing that the New York Times Lens Blog is trying to do.

Here's the article:
Basically, they asked that all photographers around the world at 15:00 UTC (which I learned is kinda like GMT, but now everyone uses UTC (guess England lost another culural reference... ) ) they are to take a photo of that moment and upload it. What the lens blog team wants to do is create a mosiac with the time-taken as the unifying factor.

Kinda Cool, it'll be interesting what other people put up (especially those who didn't wake up and have to tear apart the apartment looking for her wireless shutter release cable).

I was lucky to have been sent the above link by a friend of mine last week, so at least I had a gist of what I might want to do.

So, here's my submission:
A Moment in Time Submission: NYLensblog

 Every Sunday, I wake up and read the Newspaper and the highlights section of the Economist, make eggs and make tea. Then, I spend the day cleaning and getting my life ready for the next week. I usually don't get dressed until I've finished with the week's highlights and News-Noteable, but I'll keep reading while I'm getting things done (chalk it up to supreme mutli-tasking).

The making tea hasn't changed since I was 15 and I started to make it myself.
Making eggs is almost the same -- still need a  stove, a pot or skillet and eggs (although in there, I've discovered "poach pods" that make egg poaching so much easier or hard boiled shell-less eggs)...

However, it's amazing how much the Newspaper has changed in the past five years!

In general I don't read the New York Times unless it's Sunday (I like the Tiffany's Ad).
Six years ago, I used to walk down to the SPAR (right by my house in town), pick up the Sunday Telegraph, grab some milk on the way home and read it before having to go to the Stables.

Five years later, I used to go to the Library in University to read the Telegraph (I had to read it on Tuesdays, because it didn't arrive on campus until late Monday) but got the School Newspaper on the way and would read the local University events until I got to the Library to read the paper a day late.

4 years-- When I moved off campus, it began to get inconvienent to keep my "Telegraph" habit so I subscribed to the Houston Chronicle and listened to most of my Europe news on internet Radio. It was then where I was getting a newspaper every day at my doorstep (even though I didn't have time to read it). Worse was the town of College Station didn't recycle, so I had to throw away most of the unread-during the week papers. I got annoyed with paper newspapers...

3 Years-- I did a Co-Op in Dallas and found out that Starbucks would carry the New York Times and Wall-Street Journal. I changed my Sunday Morning habit to go to Starbucks, get a tea or a frappichino and read the newspaper there. It was there I discovered that I didn't have to pay for the paper most of the time.  Somebody usually would leave the paper on the table after they were finished with it and I could just use that... and take my Tiffany's Ad home.

2 Years-- I started to travel a lot more and found that the newspaper on a plane was irritating (almost worse than tripping over unread, delivered newspapers every morning) and I subscribed to the washingtonpost.com email alerts and cnn.com's alerts on the headlines... using NPR as my supplementing source.

Then Last year, the absolute best Birthday Present ever, my little sister got me the Amazon Kindle. She was a college student, without a lot of money, but she knew that I would love it... and bought it at the extremely high price then $449 (maybe) for the second generation kindle. There, not only could I get my newspaper, it was delivered wirelessly, could fit in my purse... and I could have my Sunday Morning reading wherever I wanted.

This past week I bought an iPad. I still prefer my Kindle for reading because of the screen. I have to wear glasses when looking at a computer for longer than 30 minutes if I want to avoid a headache, the Kindle is still just like paper... BUT what the iPad does let me multi-task and research in one thing. I can read an article, clip it, paste it to print (a Photography pose I like or an Ad I like), google search a term I don't know (the Kindle let's you do that, but it take a LONG time)... if I need to put it down, I can turn on my Pod-Casts, listen to NPR on the internet radio, see if any of my favourite blogs are updated, steam a video-cast (although no Flash :( )... and then go right back to my newspaper!

I love technology, why I work for the company (the source of my photography-habit funding). I love seeing how it changes people's day to day life.

I still love paper newspapers (although I HATE having to lug them down to the recycling bin) and clipping them and keeping Ads and Photography poses. I prefer to read things on my Kindle despite the iPad's beautiful screen, but I'm excited to see where else the iPad will enhance my life.

Yay for technology... something as benign as the Newspaper has already gone through so much...
So Today's Moment in Time is a Technolgy Snapshot...

Here's my little piece of the mosiac, I can't wait to see what everyone else submitted!

Update: There is a guy on Flickr that is adding all of the Flickr additions for this : here's the slide show