13 May 2010

Dallas and Such

This past week I spent a lot of time in Dallas.

The weather was so beautiful (although truthfully I am aware that the spring time is the only time worth noting as beautiful in Texas) and I got to do some of my favourite things... I actually missed Dallas.

I love living in the cities, but after finding a decent bookstore (new one at Shops of Legacy) and seeing my favourite running trails-- if I had to go back to Dallas, I wouldn't be as dramatic.

So, here are some of my random pictures from my weekend in Dallas.

By far, this is my favourite place to eat. Eatzi's. It's a cross between a grocery store and a deli, but it has the most amazing gourmet breads, wines, cheeses, desserts and food. Literally I could eat there every night of the week.
My favourite restraunt...

As you leave there is this sign on the door.
Taunting me...
I actually felt that this was taunting me... because no, I will not be seeing them tomorrow. Maybe I'll find something I love as much up in the cities (although I am secretly hoping I don't for my waist line).

Down the street from Eatzi's is my girl friend Abby's house. She lives in this amazing high rise that overlooks Turtle Creek. The shots at night of Dallas (in a prior blog post) are from her balcony. I had some fun taking pictures with these...

Then, my blackberry was bothering me while I was up there...
The suicidal Blackberry
The thought occured to me how simple it would be to just kick it off the side...

Here's my facebook pics:

Walking around Dallas, I saw this shot that made me smile. I like reflections.street-walk

I have a couple more from when we went to Southlake (between Ft.Worth and Dallas), but that will be coming next!