18 May 2010

Softball by another name... would never be Soft.

I got to photograph something close to my heart the other day with the Lady Wildcats for Eagan Senior High School.
Fastpitch Softball...

Fastpitch softball is a sport that I wish that I had actually been good at when I was in highschool. Watching these girls play and seeing the amount of athletism involved, I was a little envious and in awe.
What else would go on here?

For this particular event was invited out by the Wood family. Their daughter, Kelly Wood, is one of the team captains, Championship MVP and pretty amazing. Laura and Ty (her parents) try to make every game of Kelly's. Laura is the regular team photographer, except for this night the parents were being recognized and she wasn't able to shoot, SO... I was invited :)
Dad makes sure to be there, even if he still has to work...
Dad Working in the downtime...

The Regular Season Team Photographer
The Team Photographer, getting photographed
Proud Papa
Proud Dad and his Daughter

Proud Mom
Hugs for Mom
Dad watching his daughter hit
Watching his Daughter Bat

Kelly Wood, take off Mask

Warming up the Cathcher

Sara Moulton Pitching against Apple Valley
The Eagan team is pretty amazing themselves. Not only is Kelly an all-star catcher, but she catches the #1 Pitcher in the State, Sara Moulton. The Centre Fielder, Bree Blanchette, Sara and Kelly have all been on varsity since thier freshman year. There was actually an entire ESPN excerpt on these girls.

What's the Score?Yes!
It's always bittersweet to see your team-mates graduate and go off to college. I remember when we had senior night feeling left behind... and a bit worried how the team was going to get on.
Come on Team!
What I miss the most is the closeness you feel with your teammates when you're playing. I liked standing in the dugout listening to them.

The Team behind the Batter

They ended up winning over the Apple Valley Eagles for a nice conclusion to Parent Appreciation and Senior night.
Good Game Apple Valley

The Seniors at Senior Appreciation Night
The Seniors
One of the last games as a Wildcat

It was a good ending for Senior Night for the Wildcats. Thank you to the Wood family for letting me share it with you!