27 May 2010

Self Portraits

One of the nice things about being a photographer is being able to make the most kick-butt self portraits. Funnily enough, it isn't that I enjoy taking photos of myself (although it's fun to do new looks), but it's that when models are lacking... then I experiment on my own. (moral? MODEL FOR ME so I can practise :) )

Kiss the Frog...
I found clip in bangs and my old Tiara from Military Ball. Hubert (my frog) is my bed-stand resident.

what's this type of non-electrical guitar?I kinda like this
This is where I got a bit Madonna-esqe and Rocker

Yeah, I play guitar lefty.

pink sunglassesdrink-water-smart-water
These are the pink extentions I need to figure out what colour to do next.