31 July 2010

When Magazines are big liars...

If there has been something that has really bolstered my belief that American Women are held to some god-awful standard for women... it would be my learning of photo shop.

I got a photoshop tutorial in one of my favourite Magazines (the Amazon link should take you to there). British Magazines are so much better than American ones. Mostly, these are designed to be collected and re-used instead of just read and disgarded. In these magazines they do full tutorials on how to change a photograph. They usually come with a DVD with samples on it as well. For this one, I decided rather than use the DVD that had a photograph that was practically half way there... I would use one of my own.

The objective was to create a Nymph or a Elf.


The above is the photo that I started out with ;the complete opposite of what I ended up with. I had 1.) Not showered in 2 days, 2.) hadn't worn make up and... took the photo with just the bathroom lighting (which is ugly to begin with). I'm still floored when I see what I ended up with.

Finished Product.


With enough time and energy, you can make any photo into something completely different! We should stop trying to look like magazines :)