05 August 2010

When you Need a Sister.

I keep looking at how far my photography has come since Serena was killed.
Tonight is one of those nights that I really miss her.

Because you are my sister, I'll share with you.
Because you are my sister, I will share with you...

A sibling is one relationship that you are supposed to have your entire life and I can't stop myself from being a little envious of my friends on facebook posting, "I love yous" and the sharing back and forth of stories... and jokes.

So it's just a simple, "I miss you Serena."

One of the best days of my life. This was Serena's first t.u. vs A&M Game and we spent the night before making her overalls... and eating a lot. In fact, everytime there is a photo of us not at the game, we were eating. As sisters we were allowed to eat... as long as the other one ate, because you were only fat by reference. My best friend Shlee is behind us making bunny ears.