07 August 2010


In a previous post I spoke about how Hamsters are the absolute best photographer's subjects.

I also found with my new tri-pod with the 90 degree/extention feature... I've been able to get to different perspectives that can create some really fun images.

I can't speak more volumes about having a really nice tri-pod. Mostly for anything that requires an apeture higher than 5, the tri-pod is a MUST.

Here is Hampton (my hamster) adding to his modeling portfolio.
Although he hated the business trips, he knew that the food, litter and bedding life style he was accustomed to... had to come from somewhere.
He really hated business trips, but he knew that the bedding, food and toy lifestyle that he had become accustomed to had to come from somewhere.

This was actually a composition of six different photos to get the perfect hamster booty.

First, I took a picture of the hallway that I wanted. I had to put a stand-in for Hampton, so I used a tea box. This helped me get the depth of field that I wanted for the hallway. This is where the tri-pod was critical. My hallway is really dark, so I needed to have a slower shutter speed to get in the right light. I had the tripod on the lowest setting, the tilt/pan at 140 degrees (used my lens bag to be the counter weight) and set a timer to let the camera take the photo.

Then I re-did that shot with myself in it and the suitcase. I always like to have the photo without people in it first, in case something messes up and I need to photo-shop in a correction.

Then, I got three photos of Hampton. Hamsters don't sit still, had he sat still nicely I would have only needed one, but I got one that I liked his ears, his little body and then the tail.

Then... I put it all together. :)

Which is similar to what I did here.


In this case, Hampton wasn't in his ball when I took the photo to begin with.

(4 photos).

First photo, the stair case (using the tri-pod).
Second (the ball).
Third, Hampton pushing up against the glass of the cage.
Fourth, one of Hampton in the ball rolling around.

I had to re-create him the ball using the Overlay function in Photo-shop, otherwise he'd be a blurred thing of tan.

I think I could have made this photo so much better (get the glare out), but this was part of my 100 days of photos where all of the photos need to be taken in the 24 hour period around that day (sometimes I'm late, but it's a rolling 24 hours).