26 September 2010

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area...

Imagine someone as plugged in as me, being invited to go up into the Wilderness, so far away that there is no mobile reception... where you are required to pump your own water... and there are bears.

That's pretty much what happened when I was invited to go to the BWCA or Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

I have always contended that to be considered a Minnesotian, you need to be able to say you roughed it up in the Boundary Waters.

For non-Minnesotians, the Boundary waters are the waters between the US and Candada. It's very untouched, with virtually no human structures or influence there. You have to canoe in... and canoe out.

However, props for the man that took me... for his patience, consideration of how un-outdoorsey I am... and protecting me from all of the creepy crawlies that were apt to eat me.

I didn't bring the SLR, since you have to both carry the canoe and your food+materials for the days you are there.
These were taken on my waterproof camera (thank goodness), but even from just that... you can see they are beautiful. Which means...

I'll need to go back.

The first day, in my canoe (I was allowed to paddle up front)

This is called portaging... this means that every time you get to a place with no water, you grab the canoe and hike it over to the next bunch of water.
I was lucky to be traveling with super man :)

I swore we'd see a moose and Scott, getting our Canoe Ready

After the first day, at our campsite.

You have to boil the water, or pump it... the fire that was started.


Day 2 of Canoeing, through the lillypads

Trying to fish

Some other people needing to portage.

Day 3, I'm unshowered, sweaty and actually having a good time.

This was when we made the rule, nothing that uses "devil" and an adjective is allowed to be in the path again. Devil's Cascade.

The path to the top of the cascade and down the cascade...

I went down the side to check it out and this was the view back up

Beautiful and peaceful


From the side of the canoe

Yeah, I'm probably going back... and bringing the SLR next.