03 December 2010

My love affair with The Bean

I have a definite love affair with the Chicago Bean in Millenium Park.
This past month I was able to make it down to Chicago with some of my newest girl friends.

Chicago is one of those cities that I am learning to love. It has all of the charm that Boston has (feeling the history, the preservation of the historical sites) and all of the "big city" feel that New York has. Having said that... I'm still really partial to my own adopted cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

So here are some of the photos from my Girl's Weekend in Chicago.


Chicago Girls Trip (34)
MY BEAN :-) It makes me smile every time I see it.
Chicago Girls Trip (32)
My friends and me, up close and personal with the Bean.

Chicago Girls Trip (27)
Looming in the distance...

Chicago Girls Trip (25)Chicago Girls Trip (24)
Some of the views from the river, The old Sear's Tower (not sure what the name is now) left and a symbol of Chicago's railroad past right

Chicago Girls Trip (22)
We had some time to take the Architectural Tour of Chicago.

Chicago Girls Trip (20)

Chicago Girls Trip (19)
The Buildings are gorgeous, I like that this one is decorated with... well the other buildings :-)

Chicago Girls Trip (7)
The Chicago River... it's oddly Green at this time of year, but not as green as it gets on St. Patty's