12 May 2011

I am simply awkward when it comes to little children.
That's why when my friend Tara asked me if I wanted to do photos of her new-born... I freaked out a little.
I love interacting with children at the age of 2+ when they have fully formed heads and can talk a bit... but when I'm around new babies... especially when they are under 2 months old... I cant' help but feel like a giant awkward accident waiting to happen.

However, after talking me off the ledge, Tara managed to get me to take the photos of her daugher. I have to admit I am both pleased with the results and a little less apprehensive about working with babies :-)

This was by far my favourite photo of the bunch

I love the interaction between mommy and daddy.


Destiny will make this one a packer fan :-)
Fairly certain that she has no choice, but to grow up as a Packer's fan...


09 April 2011

Happy Wedding

A couple of posts ago, I posted photos about Anna and Scott getting married.
Although I was not the photographer for the wedding (I was in a much better spot of being a bridesmaid!), I managed to squeeze in a few photos here and there to capture watching on of my best friends get married!

Congratulations Anna and Scott... I am so happy that I was able to be there with you!
The bride, all done up and ready to go!

Anna, getting out of the car- Check out her Red Shoes!

I can't wait to see the full photos from her actual photographer, CBaron Photography and the kind of beautiful children that Anna and Scott will have :-)

03 January 2011

Hong Kong

Our Christmas trip included a nice 24 hour lay over in Hong Kong.
I hadn't been back to Hong Kong since 97, a year before the hand over. Things such as Disney Land, the high end shops and the tourist attractions are still running strong. Since we've already done those we decided instead togo and see one of the world's largest Budda's.

View of Kowloon from the Air Car that we took.

The Big Budda from far away :-)

Amazing, no matter where we are in the world, there is always a Starbucks...

The blessing tree. You can go and ask for a blessing and put it on the tree on a bamboo post.

Here is where you can ask for a blessing.

Getting closer to the large Budda!

Temple Blessing at the Entry.

This way to the Budda!

Walking up to it, that's my Mooma in the Kiwi jacket!

Budda's Dieties with different offerings.


China's mountain!

The most contentious part of the trip was actually HOW we got to the Giant Budda.
Poor Kerwin, my mother's boyfriend was leery about heights... and my mother went and got us upgraded seats on the "Crystal Car"... which was basically a glass bottomed Air Car.

Although beautfiul, it was a little unnerving to be in something you weren't a 100% sure of how safe it was.
IN the Sky Car

The upgrade "Crystal" Floor.

Over the Kowloon Bay...


All in all, it was pretty good way to spend a lay-over!