12 May 2011

I am simply awkward when it comes to little children.
That's why when my friend Tara asked me if I wanted to do photos of her new-born... I freaked out a little.
I love interacting with children at the age of 2+ when they have fully formed heads and can talk a bit... but when I'm around new babies... especially when they are under 2 months old... I cant' help but feel like a giant awkward accident waiting to happen.

However, after talking me off the ledge, Tara managed to get me to take the photos of her daugher. I have to admit I am both pleased with the results and a little less apprehensive about working with babies :-)

This was by far my favourite photo of the bunch

I love the interaction between mommy and daddy.


Destiny will make this one a packer fan :-)
Fairly certain that she has no choice, but to grow up as a Packer's fan...