30 January 2012

Eric Siegal's Boxing Debut

I've always been fascinated by the sport of boxing.
I got an opportunity to bring my camera along to shoot a Co-Worker of mine, Eric's first Boxing Match.

Few things that I had to learn quickly.
Flash is NOT allowed, so I had to rely on mixing up the ISO settings, Shutter speed and hope that my lens was fast enough to capture the shots.

I put my camera on continuous mode and tried to capture everything.
ISO was higher than I wanted, the D700 does really well at ISO 1600, but at 2500 it was a tad grainy, but it was effective.

I had my 70-200mm 2.8 on Shutter priority
Shutterspeed never dropped below 500.

Of course shooting in RAW.

It was so exciting to watch Eric fight. Boxing is really exciting!!!
Here are a few of my favourites.

Psyched Up

The Money Shot

Coach getting Eric pumped for his killer 3rd Round

Eric in ready stance

Supportive Girlfriend