28 May 2012

Golden Gate Bridge

Lately I've been traveling a great deal for work.
One of the trips I had been looking forward to was San Francisco. Something about that city has always spoken to me-- and I was itching to be able to explore the city.

Unfortunately, like most work trips-- the obligations that I was already committed to hindered my ability to be able to explore. However, I managed to squeeze in a trip to get a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge before I had to show up to set up the booth at the trade show.

The Golden Gate Bridge has been speculated to be the most photographed bridge in the world. So, one week before the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, I joined the ranks and took a few myself.  After googling, "Best Place to Get a Photo of the Golden Gate Bridge", I was able to get some options and find my destination, Baker's Beach.
The day was not particularly clear, but I think I managed to get a few decent shots.

Shot using Nikon D700 at F13 ISO 200 1/400 using the Nikon 2.8 35-70mm lens in my kit in RAW

 I was still carrying the set up from my trip to China (those photos to be posted later). Although I am not exceptionally excited about the sharpness of the 35-70mm mid-range I purchased used... the lens didn't do too badly. However, coupled with the overcast, the lens clarity, my own lack of a tripod -- a lot editing had to happened in photoshop.

The below photo ended up being my favourite.
I was watching a little kid and his family far ahead of me.  I really wished I brought my 70-200mm to get a better zoom of them. I settled on this shot: the kid was walking along the surf, kicking up his feet--- completely engrossed in the activity.
I love seeing the bridge behind him.

Nikon D700, f.13 1/400s ISO 200 35-70@700mm

I need to arrange another visit to San Fran, bring more camera gear... and actually see the city. 

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