08 August 2012

A Gas Station Stop-- leaving the security blanket of my DSLR

I have to admit the great lag in posting photos has been largely due to my own laziness.
I started to travel so  much more.
I hate having to prepare for a trip by packing.
I stopped packing my camera.
and then... stopped taking photos... because I had built up a mental block that somehow not having all of the correct equipment-- made my photography less legitimate.

But, this past weekend... I may have had a slight break in that block.

I went to California for the weekend to spend time with Kenneth.
He's moving to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (I cannot say that town's name to save my life). It was a wonderful road trip weekend... where I got to see most of the diversity of environment that California offers!

On our way down to San Luis Obispo-- we stopped at an abandoned gas station.
The sign with the beautiful California background

Kenneth had a friend that was into urban exploring on the East Coast and wanted to stop and see the gas station. Naturally I am always wanting to try something new-- enthusiastically agreed to stop.

After all, it didn't look like either terrible haunts or serial killers were hunkered down in there and ... I had a strong... perhaps slower running companion with me during broad day light :-)

Me and Kenneth. Alive and well after our exploring bout.
Although I didn't take as many photos as I normally would have with my SLR... the trip was interesting for me. I didn't have to have my SLR to be able to have my "photographer" glasses on-- and I was able to still see photos with just my iPhone.

Beautiful wrought iron bench outside where birds had made their nest

So, perhaps a new leaf...  
and maybe a little paradigm shift for me when it comes to taking photos. 

The sun going down as we finished digging around in the Gas Station