10 October 2012

Harley Davidson Museum

While cleaning off my memory cards for product photography (not as exciting) I found several photos of me at the Harley Davidson Museum.

I think in the break-up with my ex I had filed these photos away to deal with later.  It was a gut reaction to want to delete the photos until I saw how impressive the photos came out.

The Museum, dimly lit and filled with odd lighting was a challenging place for me. I remember taking seven of every photo... just praying that I would get a couple of good ones.

With very little done in PhotoShop, I am excited that they turned out so well.
Something about Harley Davidson that resonates with all things American that makes me love these photos.

Harley Davidson 12
Welcome to the Harley Museum.

Harley Davidson 11
Harley Water Tour. 

Harley Davidson 13

Harley Davidson2
Scott, listening to the audio tour. I love his concentrating expression. 

Harley Davidson3
Amazing the glitz and glam. 

Harley Davidson4 
A bedazzled bike...

 Harley Davidson9 
Point of View

  Harley Davidson7 
Horn reach around? This bike had a horn the passenger could use.

American icon... Harley Davidson.