12 December 2012

Impromptu Camera Run... Niagara Falls

Since taking this new full time job I've been racked with guilt for missing taking photos.
However, because of this job I've been able to travel to places that I have never been... without having to pay for it (always good).

One of these places is Niagara Falls.
Here are a few of the photos that I took while I was there.

The Canadian Side of the WaterFall. The Corner is a power station that I got to tour (but no photos). 

I have about ninety photos of the waterfall, but after going through all of them... I only posted one. The sheer volume of water was hypnotizing which I ended up taking photos almost on autopilot. This gave me a lot of photos to work with, but wouldn't be THAT interesting as a post. 

One of the best photos I felt was when a Seagull landed on the platform RIGHT in front of me. 


Because I had to make it to the airport in time to leave, I couldn't stay for sun-set (which I am sure that Niagara would have been breathtaking). However, as I walked away the water vapor and the sky... a rainbow appeared. Minor tweaking in the RAW import + my favourite Florabella Action wash (Cashmere) gave me my favourite photo of the trip.