02 April 2013

Megan Lewey: Engagement

So in the insanity of my current life one of my very close college friends, Megan asked me to do her engagement photos. Although I don't do a lot of professional photos anymore because of the crazy amount of travel I have to do for my 9-5 job... I couldn't say no to Megan. Which, after doing the photos, I was glad she kept on me, because I remembered how much I enjoy taking photos!

This is Megan and Josh-

  megan and josh galveston 3

I originally met Megan when I was in University when we worked at Victoria's Secret together.
Josh, who is from Galveston,  had also attended the same University, but didn't meet Megan until after we graduated. This photo session was the first time I had met Josh, so this was my way of getting to know him.

We decided to take their engagement photos where the wedding would be held, on Galveston Island.

Josh Proposed to Megan on the Galveston Beach. Since this was the case, Megan wanted to make sure to capture a few photos on the sand. However, once we got there the elements were a little against us. The wind, the grey skies, but then the rising sun were both two factors that were not helping take photos. Still a few good ones came out.

  megan josh 6
Although I couldn't find a place where the lighting wasn't too harsh, I decided to embrace the shadows and make this into an artistic pose. 

megan josh 4

What was interesting for me to work on this photo session was seeing my friend act ... well differently than I was used to seeing her. Some of the poses were a little awkward... and I was feeling the photos would show it. Example, the below photo took over 60 shots.

megan josh 8 

Instead, I wanted to be able to see Megan's amazing personality come through...  So, I asked Megan to do something spontaneous with Josh to get them to relax. As a result, one of my favourite shots came out of it:

  megan and josh 5 

 Once we had some fun with it, Megan decided she would rather have a casual photo session and changed.  I am convinced that was what made the entire difference, the energy completely changed and the bubbly, full personality that is Megan came out (which is such a joy to capture).

Here are a few of my favourites from going to Downtown Galveston, but if you want to see the rest of the fun photos,  visit my flickr set for Megan and Josh. 

I love Megan's huge smile... it's infectious 

As an Aggie, I love that we can see both rings here. 

Josh is a quiet type of a guy who's just not as expressive, so I LOVED  that I was able to get the tender expression here. 

So, thank you Megan for getting me back into taking photos briefly and I am psyched to see you get married!

 megan josh 9